Monday, October 30, 2006

Blind Party Loyalty

I frequent a social arena where I hang out with some local active Democrats.

One of them frequently says (about Iraq) "I'll tell you what we ought to do, and that's flatten the whole place. Your guys won't do that."

Frankly, I don't want to argue with him. I won't change his mind, and he won't change mine. So I don't. It's not worth the friction it would cause in the social scene. I change the subject. He can't really think that his guys (or gals) would. He's just been a Democrat all his life. In his head, Democrat=Good, Republican=Bad.

He's shocked that I could possibly vote for Talent over McCaskill. Shocked and disgusted.

And yet ...

What happens if the Democrats win control of Congress?
  1. Start impeachment proceedings against Bush
  2. Block any efforts by Bush to fight this war even as hard as he has been fighting it
  3. Try to force the U.S. to pull out of Iraq

  1. due to the world-wide spectacle alone, would be bad for national security. It also validates the Islamist belief that the U.S. has no stomach for a fight.
  2. help the Islamists get a better foothold
  3. really, really validates the Islamist belief that America, when faced with a determined fight, will always quit

Bad. Bad. And Bad.

Plus, I'm partial to all 10 of the Amendments in the Bill of Rights, #2 included.

I don't need any more reasons to vote for Talent.

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