Thursday, October 19, 2006

McCaskill's empty campaign

Another McCaskill add. "Jim Talent cut Medicare by $X and then Y Missourians lost their coverage".

Ok. I guess the implication here is that Jim is a big meanie and could have no other possible reason for "cutting Medicare". Medicare is apparently an entitlement, according to McCaskill, and if you were ever getting it, there's no possible way you shouldn't have been getting it. So if you're not getting it any more, that's a Bad Thing.

But never mind that. McCaskill's solution is "isn't it time for a change?" Of course, she is quite vague on just what those changes might entail, other than "working and fighting for" health care for Missourians. I'm pretty sure the Inalienable Rights clause doesn't mention anything about government-sponsored health care. Tough to find something about it in the Constitution, too. Of course, I'm a right-wing extremist for bringing that up.

Apparently, though, her lack of vision is the least of her problems.

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