Friday, October 27, 2006

Michael J Fox, Michael Steele, and Ben Cardin


So, Ben Cardin got a Michael J. Fox ad. In the ad, Mr. Fox says that Ben Cardin supports expanding "Stem Cell Research", and Michael Steele does not.

Before I continue, I should probably mention that 1) not supporting embryonic stem cell research is NOT the same as not supporting stem cell research, and 2) nowhere is it illegal to do embryonic stem cell research. All of this flap is over whether or not the government should fund it. The amendment to the constitution (and why, again, does the Missouri Constitution need to address stem cell research, specifically?) wouldn't outlaw it either -- but I digress.

So this is interesting. And telling.

Michael Steele says, “I am an enthusiastic supporter of cord blood, adult stem cell and embryonic stem cell research that does not destroy the embryo, and I fully support expanding innovations in technology that make it possible to treat and prevent disease without the willful destruction of human embryos.”

Cardin Voted AGAINST a bill which would have Expanded Research On Stem Cells That Do Not Destroy Embryos. (I read that as "expanded government funding to....")
Granted, I'm going on Michael Steele's word here. But something tells me he's not lying. Too blatant a statement, too easy to fact-check and burn him.

So why, then, does Cardin get Michael J. Fox's plug and not Steele?

It's gotta be politics. Cardin has a "D" after his name. Steele has an "R".

As far as Rush Limbaugh's comments the other day (though he thankfully did apologize for it) -- I wouldn't accuse Michael J Fox of putting on an act. So he didn't take his meds so we can see some of the terrible effects of Parkinson's. No crime. Perfectly fair. Rush doesn't help by beating this ad up over the wrong things. But his points about how misleading the ad is and how it's got plenty more to do with party politics than it does with stem-cell research (embryonic or not)?

Rush was... well, I hate to use a cliche, but .... "right".

note: for the record, I am a fan of Michael J Fox. I am not particularly a fan of Rush Limbaugh. I just call 'em as I see 'em.

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