Monday, October 30, 2006

Dave and Bill

So Bill O'Rieley asks David Letterman if he wants America to with the war in Iraq or not.

It's a yes or no question. I'd even take "I want America to win, but I don't think we can" for an answer. Or even, "what do you mean by "win"? But no. Dave chooses the low road by basically calling Bill an idiot. Instead of answering the question, Dave says it's not a simple question for him, because he's thoughtful.

And the Left goes wild. "Man, you really put him in his place, Dave."

So -- if you're thoughtful, you don't have to answer a tough but important, defining question. You can just yammer on about all the nuance, and you're lauded by half the country because of your indecisiveness, because of your lack of moral compass. It just spins around and spins around. Try to pin it down to a general direction, and it just spins off into another, giving all the reasons not going a different direction might be a bad idea. Until you try to pin it down to that general direction, whence it will "thoughtfully" spin off in yet another.

Not Leadership Material, to borrow from Morgan at the House of Eratothenes.

Enraptured Lefties said "Dave shut him down." Frankly, I chalk it up to Bill being polite in David's house -- a concept that would be lost on most of the moonbat left. Bill basically refused to stoop to the level Letterman tried to take it to. Bill, by saying nothing (as far as I can tell by the clip and response) was saying "I'm not going there, Dave." A courtesy to his host.

Do you want to win this war, or not? It's a separate question from do you think we should have gone into this war or not? Or Do you think George Bush is an Idiot?

But that is what the question boils down to to these people. Do you want to win this war?

But... but... if America wins, that might validate the policy, and if I'm against the policy that started it, I must hope that we lose. But I can't say that. So I'll just weasel and pretend to be intellectual by saying "it's not that simple".

Bill's right. It is that simple. Do you want America to win or not?

What does "win" mean? Basically a stable Iraq with a basically democratic form of government that is not hostile to the United States or the rest of the West. I'd even take a stable Iraq that is not hostile to the United States or the rest of the West.

Do you want that, or not?

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