Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Did Kerry call our Solidiers Dumb?

In his defense (gawd I really hate having to do that), I somewhat doubt that's the way he meant it. My guess is he was basically trying to encourage students to work hard and study (yay) BUT -- he also had to add a little political statement (boooo). Because that's what moonbats do. Like Christian Zealots yelp out a "Praise Jesus" expecting to get a thunderous approving response, so do Leftist Moonbats have an almost tourettes-like compulsion to yelp out a "Bush Is Hitler" or some other such popular psuedo-religious incantation.

That political statement is basically the bit of the Leftist Narrative that the Evil AmeriKKKan Korporate Giants Who Control The Republicans exploit and enslave the poor, uneducated masses to fight their wars of Imperialistic Aggression™.

That is religious dogma to the hard Left, and it's leaking to the middle Left (and also to the extremely retarded hard right, a-la Alex Jones & Co).

At any rate, I'll go ahead and say, while perhaps he didn't mean to say that outright, it was indirectly what he meant. He didn't mean not to say it, for it practically goes without saying in his world view. It never occured to him that someone might disagree with the premise. The echo-chamber is that bad.

My step-son graduated from IU with a double-degree and a minor. He worked hard, and had a very good GPA. And he joined the Marines to serve his country, not because he was too stupid to get a job. He went to Iraq, served a tour over there. Now he's back. And he has a job.

Vop you, John Kerry.

Liberals have this mindset that they are here to take care of those who aren't as intellectually or socially endowed as they are. It is a dangerous elitist mindset that leads to disasterous social revolutions where a lot of people die and/or get put in prison because they don't share the pure and noble vision of shepherds (them) over sheep (the population).

And that's where Kerry's blunder came from.

Update: This Major summed it up very well.

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