Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Chris Matthews takes "Slant" to a new level

Perpendicular is more like it. You can't get much "slantier" than that.

Check out the video at the political pitbull.

For a little more on the AP story Matthews uses to defend Kerry, see this Malkin post. The AP story makes a "Michael Moore" style cut to make it appear that he was talking about the President.

As I said in my last post, I don't doubt he was taking a jab at the president -- that's what he does. But he did it through the troops with an extremely disrespectful comment. A comment he refuses to acknowledge the disrespect in and refuses to retract.

Anyway, you gotta love this from Riehlworldview:

Dem Congressman: Kerry Blowing It, Again
Evidently the Congressman didn't want his name attached to the quote. So much for this all being partisan spin.
A Democratic congressman told ABC News Tuesday, "I guess Kerry wasn't content blowing 2004, now he wants to blow 2006, too."

Oh, and he cancelled today's campaign appearances. M-heh!

To me, though, this is less about the insult than it is revealing about the mindset lies beneath it.

I don't want these people running the country.

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