Monday, November 06, 2006

Monopoly Card for Democrat's Campaign

In keeping with the spirit of my last post and integrating this idea into it, I give you my "Chance" card for the Democrats. This pretty much sums up their platform this election season.

update: as that might be a little too subtle for some -- here's an alternate version:


Free Thinker said...

Wow, that's so funny!

You're use of Donkey crap as an analogy for democratic legislative priorities is so CLEVER!

I wonder, what do you think we could use as an analogy for the Republican legislative priorities of the last few years? Maybe a box full of soiled underpants, to represent the fear and cowardice that has marked republican rule?

Perhaps a few liters of santorum (look it up), to represent what the republicans have left us with after 6 years of...ummm...tender, loving, leadership (they're "tops", but not "power tops" you know!)

Phil said...

Free Thinker: Funny you should bring that up.

The point of the post is that in the vast majority of the advertising I've seen from the Democrats, the only thing they have to offer is

"We're not them", and "Change".

I'm saying be careful what you wish for. Change from something that isn't good... isn't necessarily better.

At least I know what the Republicans, in general, stand for.

The Dem's aren't talking about what they stand for, only what they stand against -- and about as detailed as they get on that point is "Republicans".

Read Morgan's Bumper Sticker post if you're actually interested in where we're coming from on this. I suspect by the tone of your comment, however, that you are not.

Phil said...

I should add that, while Democrats aren't enthusiastic about advertising what's in their box, I do know what's in it, and I consider it to be a load of donkey dung -- so the anaology holds for me.

I strongly suspect that the reason the Democrats are not interested in advertising what's in their box is that this election is going to be decided by voter turnout. If they went on the air and talked about what's in their box, they'd energize the conservative base, and they know it.

What's in their box?

- validating the Islamists world view that America has no stomach for a fight

- Remember what happened in Vietnam after we pulled out? The Vietnamese sure do. Wasn't pretty.

- The continuing emaciation of the second amendment

- roll back tax cuts and stiffle the economy

- and after that, a fairly steady diet of socalist government programs

My mantra so far:

Republicans are disappointing.
Democrats are dangerous.

I'm voting defensively.