Monday, November 06, 2006

An Even Better Take on that Mystery Box

From Mark Steyn's "Drifting Along" - a great read...

Look at the nearest we’ve got to a specific campaign pledge from Speaker-Presumptive Pelosi. In her “first hundred hours”, she’s pledged that she’ll enact every single last proposal by the 9/11 Commission. Why? She’s elected as a legislator in order to legislate, isn’t she? Doesn’t she have any ideas of her own? Apparently not. What His Holiness the Pontiff Thomas Kean says is infallible and all must accept it as such.

You know, I’m betting that if you asked Mrs Pelosi to name the five most urgently needed 9/11 Commission proposals that had not yet been enacted, she wouldn’t be able to. This is essentially intellectual outsourcing – or, as Madam Speaker would put it, “As a mother and a grandmother, I’m very concerned about safety. In fact, I’m too busy expressing my concerns about it to do anything about it.” Saying we need to work through the UN more on Darfur, and with our European “allies” on Iran, and that we need to send Jimmy Carter and Madeleine Albright out to Pyongyang to sign a bilateral agreement pledging massive US investment in Kim Jong-Il’s nuclear
powered leisurewear plant, these are all also forms of outsourcing: let’s fly somewhere, hold some meetings, sign some agreements, do nothing.

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