Wednesday, November 08, 2006

As the dust clears...

It looks like the Democrats will have majorities in the House and Senate. I heard an analyst on the news say that this always happens in the 6th year of a two term Presidency and was completely predictable.

Obviously, from my perspective this is a disaster, for several reasons.

The top reason is that the Islamists will view this as vindication of their world view and strategy. America is weak. She has no stomach for a fight. If they just dig in and trickle casualties every day, the headlines will drive the American People to pull out.

Even if we don't pull out -- which we probably won't until 2008, the signal has been sent as clearly as the Madrid bombing and that subsequent election. The West has a weakness that can easily be exploited. It's going to take a couple more 9/11's to drive that point home to the West, if it ever can be driven home.

The other reasons have much more to do with domestic economic and social policy. In a nutshell, I believe in limited government, Democrats do not. Republicans at least pay lip-service to it.

Anyway, I will join my other conservative collegues in not moving to France or Barbados, not going out into the streets and burning things, not chanting mindless slogans, not saying "'f' the coasts", etc.

Even if Republicans had held on to Congress, I would not be sending emails like the one some twit sent Michelle Malkin.

Conservatives, in general, have much better manners than "Progressives" in general.

For a little demonstration of "un-hinge-itude", see the "Talent Butt-Boy" thread over here starting with the "Sullivan will keep me from voting a straight R ticket" post -- while it lasts (it'll expire in a couple of weeks).

Yup. That's me. Talent Butt-Boy. They're SO tolerant. And polite!

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