Monday, May 07, 2007

Bees and Politics

Bees are disappearing.

And it's ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!

Let's see, the Global Warmening people are certain that it's global warming causing the bees to disappear. The GM food fearmongers are sure that it has something to do with genetically engineered crops. Organic farmers tie that in with pesticides.

Evidence points to a fungal disease.

The bees are disappearing. No bodies are found. We actually don't know that they're dying, apparently -- they're just skipping town. Bees do this when a hive becomes unhealthy. The fact that they did it in the fall makes many believe they probably went somewhere and didn't survive the winter -- since they didn't have the raw materials or time to build a new hive before cold set in.

My bet is that the hives are getting infected with the fungus, and bees are striking out on their own. Maybe many are dying. But I'll bet if we look around this spring we'll find beehives in the wild populated by at least some of the flighty bugs. Nature usually has a way of surprising us with her resiliency.

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