Tuesday, May 01, 2007

GreenCows Gasses

I'll bet several of you laughed when I suggested that if the EPA were required to regulate CO2 emissions, and since we emit CO2 every time we breathe out -- that the Govermnent would be free to (actually required to, the way it reads) regulate our breathing.

Think it's funny now?

Yup, the EU is considering regulating Cow Farts.
Environmental scientist Professor Frank Convery claims cows breaking wind and belching account for 35% of Ireland's green-house gas emissions. These have been linked to global climate change.
Of course. Every study shows some link between the study subject and Global Warming -- because ... that's how they got their funding in the first place. I have to wonder if this 35% figure will allow industry to scale back its Kyoto cutbacks payments to Russia for Carbon Credits (that it got retro-active credit for for factories & plants it shut down before 1990), or if this is a new 35% that we need to be worrying about buying more indulgences to "offset". Vladimir! You dog!
Under "carbon trading" farmers could gain credit by investing in afforestation or measures to recover the methane gas emitted by cows.
Carbon trading is a brilliant political tool, isn't it? Uh, Mr. Tibbs? We couldn't help but notice the musical cacophony coming from your pastures. Care to buy some tree credits? For the mere price of 15 pounds a tree, we at Generation Investment Management would like to sell you the credits for the 4 trees per head you will need to come in at your Greenhouse Quota™ . Is that cabbage soup you're eating? Let's talk.
Those wishing to get out of farming could sell the resulting reduction in geenhouse gas production.
Food? We don't need no stinking food! (heh-heh... get it... stinking?)

Seriously, though, it'll make PeTA and/or it's European equivalent (the Animal Rights sect of the Anti-Human Enviro-faith) happy.

Reason #73 why I am not a Liberal.

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