Friday, May 18, 2007

Sowell muses about the anger of the Angry Left

From "The Anger of the Left":

If the reason for the anger is a feeling that corporate CEOs are overpaid for their contributions, then there should be even more anger at people who get even more money for doing absolutely nothing, because they have inherited fortunes.

Yet how often has the left gotten worked up into high dudgeon over those who inherited the Rockefeller, Roosevelt or Kennedy fortunes? Even spoiled heirs like Paris Hilton don't really seem to set them off.

How true indeed. Think about it. What they're more about is some sort of self-righteous populism. Bumper-sticker-template psuedo-opinions that sound so rich and chocolatey good that they are generally responded to with equally shallow nods of approval to make themselves feel better than everyone else. Because deep down, I don't think they do feel very good about themselves.

So what is it they hate, actually? Oh yeah:

It seems to be the threat to their egos that they hate. And nothing is more of a threat to their desire to run other people's lives than the free market and its defenders.
You hit the nail on the head there, buddy.

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