Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

This morning, over the skies of my hometown.

We went to the Memorial Day parade, and there was quite a good turnout. And I didn't run in to any obnoxious protesting leftists, either. Our town is full of them, so I thank them for that.

The parade started out with some parachuters, followed by a flyover by these fighter jets. They passed fairly low, and the roar -- especially after they passed, made you glad they were on YOUR side. I couldn't help it. That "America, F* Yeah!" feeling. And darned proud to feel it knowing the quality of the American character behind it.

Yesterday the wife watched The Patriot, Pearl Harbor, and Behind Enemy Lines. Today, she's doing the "A Band of Brothers" marathon. We bought it after seeing it Memorial Day last year. It's a lot of stuff to watch, but it was really well put together. It does not sugar-coat war, and it puts you in the thick of WWII Europe. It was a chunk of change to buy it, but it's worth it, especially for what you get.

My step son is an Iraqi veteran now. Around 3,000 of his comrades in arms have fallen in this war on Islamism in Iraq alone. Thankfully, he was not among them. All in all, we're talking at worst a 3% casualty rate. Every single one of them is a tragedy. Every single one of them is a tribute to our resistance to this 7th century idealism, the ultimate in cultural centrism, this deadly, black disease that will have itself spread all over the planet if we only let it. If we show it we don't have the will to fight it. It thinks we don't have the will to fight it. Our Democrats have been doing their damnedest to prove them right.

Me, I thank each and every one of our soldiers who fought honorably and died, or fought honorably and lived. And dispite what many would have you believe, most of our soldiers, the vast majority of our soldiers, fight in the most honorable fashion, to the most honorable standards in the world.

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