Monday, January 21, 2008

Bush Derangement Syndrome Strikes Home

It's really kind of hard when you get this stuff from your friends.

We were sitting around joking about something that was supposedly going to fix everything and the world would be wonderful, and I made the joke that George Bush and Nancy Pelosi would be embracing and kissing, and this friend just exploded the mood and announced in a loud and firm, serious voice,

George Bush can just drop dead!
Well, besides the fact that 4 out of 6 of us in the room voted for Bush, and one of those 4 went over and fought in Iraq, and we all support the troops and the mission... I thought it was a rather rude thing to say.

On top of that, it was a rather hateful thing to say.

I've spent a lot of time reading and talking to a lot of conservative people. I've heard a lot of them criticize Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and a bevy of the personalities we disagree with, and I've gotta say --

I've never heard a one of them say "Al Gore can just drop dead." Or fill in the name with anyone else outside of Al Queda.

This person further went on to state that Bush had "bought" the Florida election -- and I did have to say "says who?!" Which cut her off. I added that Bush won according to every recount that was done after that election.

Since this was supposed to be a friendly gathering, I left it at that.

I will say here, in my venting space, that I'm sick and tired of being polite in the face of unbridled and self-righteous rudeness. These people regurgitate stories fabricated and perpetuated by Bush's (and America's) political enemies both inside and out this country that have no basis in fact, but make them feel better about losing a close election.

By God, Bush has made some mistakes and I have my disagreements with him, but the man has more class in his little finger than most of these people have period. (Who would like to have to have made the decisions the man had to make since 9/11, seriously?) George didn't lawyer up and try to invalidate ballots and try to validate invalid ballots in an attempt to scrounge up the few votes he would have needed to win the state, all while making baseless selective accusations of "voter disenfranchisement". That was Gore.

But I've reached the point where I realize that when we on the right, who are in general far more polite than our leftist counterparts -- let them do this unchallenged, it just re-enforces the "truth" of it in their minds.

We can't do it anymore.

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