Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pat Sajak

Yup. That's right.




That one. Yes, the same. The one that's been hanging out with the blonde with the legs and the big smile in front of the big wheel for what, 25 or so years?

Turns out the guy is also a pundit. And a conservative one at that. Maybe I'm late to the game and everyone else knew this. At any rate, a couple of days ago I read a satire article he wrote about Al Gore suing Time magazine to recount their votes for Man of the Year. (Or would that be ManBearPig of the year?)

That very evening, a friend of mine sent me another article by him, A Solution to Man Made Global Warming -- basically a throwdown to Global Warm-0ngers. Pretty good.

So I went looking to read more of his stuff. And with all our recent talk about polls, I found this one from 2006 relevant.

The man is obviously articulate, observant, and intelligent.

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