Friday, February 15, 2008

Economic Stimulus

Oh, I thought of something else that's been rolling about in my head this past week. This economic stimulus package....

Conservatives (which the Republican Party roughly proports to represent) believe that lower taxes lead to more productivity, a bigger economy, more jobs, and yes, actually more net tax revenue coming in.

Progressives (which the Democratic Party apparently represents) say pish-posh, it's all for the rich, we "stimulate" the economy by "creating jobs" (however they plan on doing that) for people.

* Government doesn't create jobs. Buisnesses do. The only jobs Government can create are government jobs, which are payed for by taxes, which put a further drag on the economy.

Basically two diametrically opposed ideas, they hold. And yet ... and yet... this economic stimulus package which included a "gift" of up to ~$600 to every tax payer -- which amounts to a tax cut -- was passed by an overwhelming margin by members of both parties.

Why? Why is not taking money from us so we have more to spend in the first place not going to help the economy, but "giving" us a "gift" of our own tax dollars so we have more money to spend ... will? Riddle me this, mmmmm?

It's simply this: the Democrats appeal to that part of the population that wants the government to "give us stuff". What do I get if I vote for this person? That's the standard. So they don't want to be seen as not being on board for giving us this "gift".

It's not a gift. It's a refund.

It's not that Republicans are immune to the whole "giving" thing, either (Bridge to Nowhere, anyone?) But in the conservative philosophy, this is, in fact, consistent with "lower taxes grow the economy".

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