Thursday, February 07, 2008

Enough rope to hang himself

Sorry, another caller on Dennis Miller's show...

Now I'm going to go ahead and say before this -- don't let your opponent define you. This is the right's biggest failing. We tend to let that happen. This guy was so whacked out, voice just barely under control, he just went on this tirade. Oh, you've heard it before, basically, but here it is.

I am so proud to be a Democrat now. You know, from Ann Coulter to Al in San Fransisco, the, the, you know, you talk about Kool Aid drinking, I mean just the idea that, you know, let's do the list. What does the hard right want to do? The hard right wants to take the country back 50 years with their laws, they want to go around the world and invade every country they can that doesn't agree with our way of life, and they want to ensure that the ruling class in this country is perpetually put on their throne.

And let's see what the left wants to do. The left wants to, uh, protect the environment and make sure everyone's got health care, and get us out of a war that we think that was misplanned in the first place. I"m so glad to be a Democrat today [... blurb about Sean Hannity being out of his mind]

What's your comment, Dennis?!


Well you know, Steve, I was more prone to be on the hard right before this phone call. But you've made so much sense... I'm changin'. Thanks, Steve!

Steve: (after a little pause, because he's not expecting that answer - not taking him seriously.) You're welcome, Dennis.

Is that what we want to do? Wow. I was unaware of that. But that's the Republican three-pronged platform, in the eyes of the Hill-O-Bama voters.
Back 50 years on the laws.
Invade every country that doesn't agree with us.
Keep the ruling class on their throne.
Did he just design the T-Shirt for us?

I guess the problem is that attempting to address where they're wrong on any of that requires an attention span longer than music video. And we don't get to play a cool music bed behind it, either.

There are a few telling things in that tirade, though. "Back" 50 years with their laws... this is the fatal flaw in progressive thinking. Progressive basically assumes that things evolve to be better over time. More laws = better. Repealing bad ones means "going back". But of course, there are no bad ones. Except the ones they don't like, of course. But they aren't talking about those when they say "going back".

Of course the "invading every country that doesn't agree with our way of life" is just ludicrous. But of course the whole tirade is pure hyperbolic invective. But it's hyperbolic invective that he believes whole heartedly. As a matter of fact there's a whole bunch of the hard right that would prefer more isolationist policy. We went to Afghanistan to root out the Taleban and Al Queda after the 9/11 attacks. We went to Iraq to enforce 17 (over 11 years) ignored U.N. resolutions and a violated cease-fire from the 1991 war.

And as far as the ruling class... who, again, is trying to elect Hillary Clinton?

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