Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Brother Jeffmon has made his choice.

Who is Wayne Allyn Root? Well he's someone that true conservatives, as in constitutionalist conservatives -- who are planning on sitting this one out might well go vote for in November instead of "sitting it out" as many are saying they will do. That way you'll be there at the polls to, say, try to counterbalance the evenutal winner and stack Congress against him or her with your other votes. Hint, hint.

Jeffmon says:

I got to the polling place last night at ten before seven and asked for a libertarian ballot. There were plenty.

It didn't really matter, Mr. Root won handily. He has the most money, and the most support. Fortunately, he is the most agreeable choice on the ballot.

It is extremely likely I'll vote for him in the general. I still think that if I want one candidate to win and vote for someone else, my vote is wasted.

I'm going to go out on a limb here knowing jeffmon's sense of humor and figure that Root was the only one on the ballot.

No, really. If, as I hear as much as 30% of conservatives plan on sitting the election out if McCain wins the nomination.... this would be quite the statement. That would be quite a few votes. It couldn't possibly be misconstrued as you being complicit in a Hill-bama win. And this guy shares more of your values than any candidate on the eventual ballot for sure.

I won't count it out. I've got 7 months. It wouldn't be the first time I voted Libertarian.

This is not an outright endorsement. Just sayin's all.

Update: Jeffmon replies that there were actually several on the ballot. And it's not that we think he'd necessarily make a good president, or even a mediocre one. But if you go by what he says ... and isn't that what everyone else is supposed to be doing?

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