Friday, February 15, 2008

Random Thoughts

With all due credit to Thomas Sowell (who often posts "Random Thoughts" posts)

It's been quiet around here lately in the Clue Batting Cage. It's not that the pitching machine has malfunctioned or run out of baseballs crying to be struck with the Bat of Clue™. It's just that the batter has been pre-occupied with other things and the bat has been leaning still and silent against the chain links, un-manned. Lonely.

Of course if you ever come here looking for the sound of solid contact and you find the cage empty and wanting for too long, I'd encourage you to visit one of my recommended links -- especially the House of Eratosthenes -- Morgan's relatively tireless in "The House™" with his own heavy-duty clue bat, and he's turned up a couple of gems lately, too (M4GW being a real winner!)

Let's see, first thing that comes to mind is the whole Democrats "Super Delegate" thing. This is from the party that screams "disenfranchisement" if there's a traffic jam on voting day and they want to count every vote and all -- and yet they have 800 people (which accounts for something like 17% of their delegates) whose votes count for way more than any other American ... no voter gets any input into which way they vote. And the scary "Hillary 4u&me" video/song says "... let's bring back our democracy".... yeeeeaaahhhhhhhhh. Or socialism. Whatever works, Mrs. Che. Any Means Necessary.

Not that Obama would be any better. Actually, sadly, I think he might be worse. Most liberal voting record in the senate, and Che-llary is in the senate.

A caller yesterday on the Dennis Miller show came up with a great theme song for Obama --

"Hey-bama, O-bama
Bama-bama hey-
Bama hey-bama O-ba-maaaaahh..."

Brilliant. Of course that's kind of lost on people not familiar with "Jesus Christ, Superstar". Kinda fits, though - with the whole "caught up in the adulation" thing.

Let's just say that his stirring but purposefully vague rhetoric allows people to pour their beliefs into his empty vessel. Look at his record. Judge the man based on his deeds, not the lilt of his words.

Ok, what else?

I was talking to ... a relative ... the other day about the immigration thing - specifically the illegal immigration thing, and he - I think he's been hanging around too many academics lately. He used to be more sane than this -- he said something to the effect that those of us who want to secure the borders, who are against letting breaking the law to get here pay off for people -- he said that "they just want to round up all the people with brown skin" ... yes, he used that term -- a key rhetorical clue ... and send them back home or whatever.

And I said, man, I've talked to many, many people who agree with me on this, and heard about many, many more and I have never heard anyone who even sounded the least bit "racist" about it. It is, in fact, about rule of law -- to a person. And he said something to the effect that I'm not getting a good cross-section because I talk to educated people on the web. And there's that whole elitist attitude again that bugs me. Yeah, there are some uneducated people who are racists. But it doesn't follow that uneducated people are racists. I don't know many racists. Oddly, the ones I do know are mostly Democrats - staunch and higly partisan ones. It's true. But that wouldn't surprise Bob Parks.

Anyway I said that we just want them to come through the front door, not sneak in through the cellar. He said that the front door is 2 feet wide and 2 feet high and 8 feet off the ground. That may be. But tell that to the guy living in Nigeria who's playing by the rules while these people just saunter across because they, as some one said, "live within walking distance."

I've been thinking about a lot of stuff lately, but unfortunately haven't had time to sit down and let the thoughts coalesce into a coherent theme.

Such as ... "Croc" shoes are ugly. I don't care how comfortable or durable they are. They look like you didn't really want to get dressed today.

And with that, my mind has gone completely, uninspiredly blank.

This is why I haven't posted lately. But for the sake of showing a pulse, I'll go ahead and post.

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