Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama Garb

What's this thing with the Obama garb? Hilly's campaign puts out a picture of him in Somalia in Somalian Tribal Elder garb. And there's yammering and yammering about it. He's an American official visiting a foriegn country. This kind of stuff is done all the time. No eyebrows raised here in the Batting Cage.

Bill O'Rielly et al are asking if it's racist.

No. Hell no.

What Hilly's campaign is trying to do is raise questions about Muslim influences in his past. And it should be obvious to everyone that "Muslim" is not a race.

Should we ask questions about his Muslim influences? Yes, we should, insofar as there's a possibility for anti-westernism in there somewhere, and we are heirs to western civilization. Most of us outside of academia would like to keep it that way, too. Anyway, on my list of worries about Obama, that one has to be near the bottom.

Should a picture of him in Somali garb raise those questions? No.

We really shouldn't be dissecting and analyzing every sneeze each candidates make ... "why did she sneeze just then? What did that mean?"

Nuts to all that.

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