Monday, June 09, 2008

He's an environmental activist

We're sitting here watching Anthony Bordain ... and he's talking about some surfer dude in Hawaii. Which is cool. I dig Hawaii. I dig surfing. (Or the idea of it. I've never tried it. ) He says this guy's an avid surfer and an environmental activist. I dig "the environment", too. But "Environmental Activist" makes you sound like some sort of official Agent... so it's cooler.

And I'm wondering, what qualifies one to be an "environmental activist"?

I'm thinkin' it means maybe a bumpersticker on your car, showing up on Earth Day, or picking up a sign at a rally with a slogan bashing big companies ... or Bush. Maybe getting a reusable shopping bag, or planting a tree.

So really it requires little or no personal investment, and a thirst for self-righteousness, and it's amply rewarded by like-minded people.

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