Thursday, June 05, 2008

No Votes for Oil

Not for us, anyway. Not from any of our sources.

That's what the Democrats seem to be about.

I was tipped off by Congressman Dryer on the Dennis Miller Show today. Here are a few vote tallies.

Responsible drilling in ANWR -- Republicans 91% for, Democrats 86% against. Coal to Oil Republicans 97% for, Democrats 78% against. Oil Shale Republicans 90% for, Democrats 86% against. Increased Oil Refinery Capacity Repubicans 97% for, Democrats 96% against.

I found more on it here. And here.

But it's the Republicans who are keeping oil prices high for their greedy oil buddies. Riiiight.

(Econ 101 review. Increased supply lowers prices.)

At the same time, Dems are pushing Lieberman-Warner which is designed to increase gas and other energy prices to reduce global warmarmaning.

So which is it, Democrats? Do we want to lower gas prices, or raise them? Apparently, if you raise them for the "right" reasons, it's ok?

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