Monday, June 23, 2008

More Environmentally Conscious

I heard this morning on the news on TV (so it must be true) that "young voters are more environmentally conscious." It was presented by the reporter as a very matter-of-fact ... fact. Like nobody questions it. It was used as a fact to support the theory that young voters will break for Obama largely because of environmental issues.

This bugged me. Using the wording I used, it's probably true. They'll break for the candidate who more closely echoes their views on environmental issues.

But more environmentally conscious? It depends on what you think the meaning of both of those words are, I suppose.

Frankly, I think it means that their views echo what they have been instructed to believe by self-proclaimed "environmental" groups. We've allowed these groups to dictate to society what proper stewardship is, and it's gotten way out of hand to the point of unabashed anti-humanism. I mean, they're not even ashamed to say it out loud.

I'm environmentally conscious. I'm also probably a lot more conscious of nature and how it works than most "young" voters. And I'm conscious of a bunch of other things that we need to balance those environmental concerns against.

Environmentally conscious has become a smug euphamism for self-serving lip service to Mother Gaia.

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