Friday, June 13, 2008

I guess we'll just have to kill them from now on

So, let's see ... we held 400,000 prisoners of war right here on American soil in WWII and none of them had habeas corpus rights. There's one precedence.

But the recent Supreme Court decision, according to the BDS-ridden is interpreted as meaning "George Bush is not above the law."

I'm a bit confused. What law, excactly -- in this case, are they claiming George Bush was claiming he was above? I missed something.

The Supreme Court said Congress and the President were going to have to hash something out the last time they made a decision on this (and the decision was that it wasn't their decision, but rather Congress & the President's). Congress and the President came to a decision. Court says "do this". Bush does it.

And now the Supreme Court says "Wrong Decision!" ???

That about sums it up. And Bush says he'll abide by it. Again, what law is he claiming to be above?

Prisoners of War now get to tie up our civilian courts if we take them to Cuba.

I guess next time we should just kill 'em on the battlefield. That would be legal.

If you ask me, it looks like they set us up the bomb.

Take off every Zig. All our base are belong to them.

(incidentally, for those of you still living in a cave -- or maybe for those of you who don't, heh heh -- Al Queda means "the Base")

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