Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Bush Administration kept people from going to restaurants

Yup, that's what I learned when we went out to a restaurant for my birthday dinner.


We'd been there like once a year for the past several years. It's never been busy when we'd gone. And we didn't think they even took reservations.

But when we got there, we found out a party of six was going to be a problem because, in fact, they were very busy.

They were very helpful in accomodating us... we sat at two adjoining tables. But I was talking to the hostess before we sat down and she said something like this:

"Yeah, we're kind of enjoying the business. I guess with things changing, and all, you know, people are more comfortable going out."

Bar-rack! O-ba-maaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!
Savior of the Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!

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