Monday, January 12, 2009

Public Presentation

So I'm listening to this US New & World Report editor (Alex Kingsbury)being interviewed talking about how we have to be careful with our interrogation policies and our detainment policies so as not to fan the flames, further enrage ... our Islamic Fanaticist Foes.

Miller presses him saying -- look, what can we possibly do to appease them? Nothing will appease them, and sometimes we have to get information, and sometimes we have to take POWs and keep them somewhere if we're not going to kill them on the battlefield.

He comes back saying "that's not to say that we have to take their concerns all the time over policy, ... but the point is there has to be some sort of change in the way we publicly present the way our intelligence is carried out ..." and also said "[there is disagreement on whether] ... waterboarding is a reasonable thing for the government wants to be publicly engaged in."

"Publicly"? You mean it's ok, then, as long as we do it but don't say we're doing it? Well who do you think "publicized" what the Bush Administration was doing? Bush???? Cheney???? Or the New York Times/Newsweek/Left-Wing Bush-Hatin' Press????

I think we're going to be finding out more and more over the next few weeks and months that a whole bunch of things that were allegedly evil were only evil because Bush was doing them. When Obama does them, there'll suddenly be some new nuance that justifies them.

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