Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little things that bug me

Here's one. Just saw an ad on the "usa" TV network, somthing about "character approved". And this ad was about the guy who did the Soviet style Obama posters. You know, about some guy we're not supposed to suspect has any socialistic leanings regardless of his influences and associations. But that's another story.

What bugs me is that it didn't seem to bother the Obamaniacs at all. I mean, these posters and the iconography they hail back to.

Especially this one. Which they showed on the commercial.

Weird. More than weird. Creepy.

They were giving their stamp of appoval to this guy, who was touted as a "street artist" -- he works in spray paint. Which used to be known as "vandalism" years ago. (update: you've gotta see this) He said he loves doing something he's not supposed to be doing and getting away with it. And these are the people who got Obama elected -- the guy said it himself.

Looked up this "Character Approved" campaign. It is by USA. They give their "Character Seal of Approval" to different people.

NEW YORK, Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- USA Network announced today the winners of the first-ever Character Approved Awards, a new program created to honor individuals from a cross-section of creative disciplines who are positively influencing American culture. In its inaugural year, USA Network selected seven visionary characters based on their cultural impact, legacy and personas. While each honoree is at a different stage in his or her career, they are all cultural trailblazers who are influencing our opinions, style and view of the world.

Or go straight to the source.

Yeah, but the media isn't liberal.

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