Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ok... I've about had it with a certain relative of mine and her typical Progressive habit of dismissing my arguments as kookie without addressing any of them, asking me how I know any of what I read is true while not allowing that same non-argumentative table to be turned on her.

Apparently she thinks I "just read blogs" and illigitimate websites (of course I'm sure she gets to define what's legitimate and what is not. If it doesn't have the words "New York" in it, I'm guessing would be her criteria, but I digress). I've compiled a list of several of the publications from which I read every day. Hers, I think, is limited to the New York Times (surprise, surprise), a local paper, and Time Magazine, for the most part.

Get this. She said the following "Don't say the press hasn't been kind to Bush. They've been very kind. He should have been investigated for all kinds of things and they didn't investigate."


Ok, here's where I need your help. I didn't excactly bookmark venomous articles about the president. So I don't have a bunch of them at my fingertips. I want at least 20 articles to forward to her, preferably from recongizable media outlets, that demonstrate the venom the President has been subject to. The more, the better. If you remember one or two, and you know people who remember one or two others, and so on, I can do this pretty fast.

Please post links or articles (and sources!) in the comments or email me at cluebattingcage@gmail.com. I'm a little steamed. I'll be searching myself as well. Can I get an A.P.B. out?


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