Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Miller on Reid, et al

Dennis Miller played a clip of an interview with Harry Reid where he was asked if he regretted saying the war was lost and wouldn't he admit, as even Obama has admitted that the surge has "succeeded beyond our wildest expectations". Reid tried weaseling out of it with something like ... "well at that time we weren't talking about the surge."

Which set Dennis off. In a good way:

"He's gonna say 'at that moment'... Exactly, pal! That's why you don't come adamante like that, 'at that moment' you said the words 'the war is lost'. And I'm sitting there at home and all I hear is Gore saying the debate on Global Warming is over. And I'm thinking what is it with these pinheads over there, that they get one foot in the door on their belief system, and then slam it behind them, and spot weld it -- pop-rivet it shut, so nobody can get in with an opposing view? You said 'the war is lost'. You should be ashamed of yourself."

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