Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I saw California senator Diane Feinstein on the news defending her earmarks in the so-called "economic stimulus" package.

“Candidly, why be an appropriator if you can’t help your state?”

Candidly, I can't believe you're being that candid, Diane. Because here's the deal. You should not be there to appropriate funds for your state. Maybe you are, but that's not why you should be there. The fact is, the Federal Government shouldn't be doling out money to the states. It does, I know, and that is unfortunate and should be scaled back to a bare minimum. This was one of the things I liked about McCain -- his fierce opposition to earmarks.

Supposedly, Obama had similar objections, but is apparently not willing to back them up with action (or he didn't mean what he said in the first place and was just politicking to get elected).

When a robber goes to a store and demands money at the point of a gun, he is "appropriating". That's why he's there. Hey, he may even be trying to feed his family. It doesn't mean it's right.

To add insult to injury, I recently read that California, as a separate entity, is the world's 6th or 7th largest economy. And they're bankrupt. Because they promised the Progressive Moon and when the bill came due they couldn't pay. And Diane's going to Washington to get other states to subsidize Califorinia's excess.

This is the kind of Change Hoped for by conservatives who were duped into supporting Obama.

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