Tuesday, March 24, 2009

House Passes Youth Slavery Act

Read it and weep. The Hitler Youth has come to America. Or what used to be America.

Fox News Reports on it here.

Update: On the GIVE Act

Since I appear to be getting a relatively large number of hits from OpenCongress.Org -- to you I say welcome. Poke around.

Reshape the country on youjavascript:void(0)r own dime. When the government decides to take charge of shaping the citizenry, we transform from being in control of the government to the government controlling us. We change from free men to subjects.

Many groups would like to shape America. Animal rights groups (vegans, etc). Religious groups. Nazis. The KKK. Uber-environmental groups. And as long as they want to do it on their own dime and try to convince people their causes are worth joining, it's ok with me. That's the way it's supposed to work. Win me over by argument, or try, anyway.

When arguments fail to persuade people, there is always the temptation to go to the government and use it's coercive power to force people to do what we cannot persuade them to do. This goes against every ideal our Founders layed out for the country. And yet it's been done successfully, over and over. It doesn't make it right.

This is not the job of government. Changing society is the job of you and me, and we may have conflicting opinions. We let the marketplace of ideas work it out.

The worst part of this is forcing people to fund the indoctrination of their own children it things they might very well be directly opposed to themselves.

There is nothing stopping anyone from organizing their own volunteer organizations, indeed, there have been many since before the country began. We need to stop looking to government to do these things for us. That's not its role.

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