Friday, March 13, 2009

Boston Columbia Tea Party

The peasants are getting restless. Yesterday several people from in and around Columbia, MO got together to protest how and how much money is being spent on so-called economic stimulus. To us it seems like an excuse to expand the size and role of government in our lives -- and at the very least we want our legislators to READ THE BILLS before they VOTE ON THEM.

No death threats. No comparing people to Hitler. Nobody was rude. Matter of fact, the crowd was pretty quiet for a protest event for the most part. Nobody seemed to be there to draw attention to themselves. It was apparent that the people here were a little uncomfortable, in fact, about the prospect of being the center of attention. There were occasional cheers and a few shoutouts when the MC's or interviewees said something they liked. But mostly, just a bunch of decent, fed-up people.

There were some reporters there. One came up to this guy because of the Don't Tread On Me flag. Apparently he had some memo from the Missouri Highway Patrol on how to spot potential militia members. This flag was one of the signs. It was also news to the reporter that this flag was designed by some of the founders. The use of the rattlesnake for a national symbol can be traced back to Benjamin Franklin.

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