Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Were we hit again?

Maybe I'm late to the game on this.

But a friend sent me a link yesterday to a blog entry -- and no, I don't automatically trust blog entries. Anyway the guy was going on about how there was a massive run in the span of hours, maybe minutes, which he believed to be intentional, on U.S. money markets last September.

He believed it was caused by Soros-ian folks who want to intentionally bankrupt the country to foment a soft socialist revolution here. Me, I'm skeptical. I'm always skeptical at first. While I can't completely dismiss the idea that the Agents of Change™ behind the scenes might do something like that ... well for one thing I don't think even they have the staggering amount of money we're talking about. But the other thing .... is the timing.

It was Sept 11.

The video is from CSPAN ... where a Pennsylvania congressman (and before partisan skeptics ask, he's a Democrat) talked about it. Then I found another video where the same Congressman asks Paulson about it (about 1:50:48 into it), saying that the American people need to know about these things so they can put together the big picture for themselves. Paulson does not disagree, dispute, or dismiss the talk of the electronic run. He in fact appears to be addressing the Congressman's concern indirectly. So I'm pretty sure it happened.

Now I'm not saying that it was Al Queda. I'm just saying it smells like them. Consider Bin Laden's talk of destroying the U.S. by bankrupting us... the initial intent of the 9/11/2001 attack on the WTC (that succeeded in destruction of life and property far beyond Osama's expectations, but ultimately failed to bring us down financially). Then he thought he could do it via a long protracted war, which he believes is what brought down the Soviet Union (he believes he did it -- the U.S., in fact, had much more to do with it. Afghanistan didn't help, but it Bin Laden got much of his early misplaced confidence from believing he defeated the Soviet Union).

The only seemingly well documented fact I came away with was that there was a massive electronic run on U.S. money markets on Sept 11, 2008 that sent shockwaves through Washington DC. It was over $100 billion and the Feds were concerned that it would have ballooned to $550 billion by 2:00 that afternoon, and they somehow shut it down.

My huge grain of salt I was taking with it (thinking it might be Al Queda-based cyber terrorism) got a little smaller when I found out the same thing happened in the UK about a month later.

Now it COULD have just been a huge panic. Or it could have been an orchestrated run by American or other western anti-capitalists. It could have been China. Russia. Or Al Queda.

The point is, where's the investigation of that in the media?

I suppose it's easier to report on Michelle Obama's dresses or to pass on the latest DNC memo that Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican Party.

Incidentally, I watched that CPAC speech. I'm not a Rush listener. Never have been. But after watching that speech I only wish he were the leader of the Republican Party. He may be a leader of the Conservative Movement. But the Republican Party seems to have largely forgotten us. At least Rush doesn't go all mealy-mouthed over principles.

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