Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life Is Still Not A Bumper Sticker

My regular readers (all 6 of you!) are aware of my general feelings on bumper stickers.  I live in a college town where you see whole back ends of cars practically held together with a conglomeration of liberal niceties and outrages, like a huge cacophonous billboard of nonsense masquerading as common sense.

I'd like to respond, but I refuse to turn my car into anything similar, therefore I have the "one bumper sticker at a time" rule.

One of my earliest ones I actually had made, I shamelessly lifted from a comment Mark Steyn had made.  He had told a caller to a talk show "Well, life isn't a bumper sticker" when she basically asked why we can't just live our lives like some bumper sticker she mentioned -- said.

Well thanks to David Malki of Wondermark fame (my new favorite web comic strip) ... we have the sticker in the upper left of this post.

In case you can't read it... 
"Bumper stickers are an ineffectual means of communicating my nuanced views on a variety of issues that cannot be reduced to a simple pithy slogan"


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