Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Email Gate

The New York Times and its sister liberal rag the Washington Post along with the lefty blogosphere breathlessly drooled over the ~24,000 pages of Sarah Palin emails the State of Alaska released in response to a FOIA request.   I guess it happened over the weekend when I was busy relaxing in the wilderness.

And they both ... solicited help from their readers in going through them looking for interesting and newsworthy e-mails to look at.  Mother Jones, ProPublica, and MSNBC are creating a searchable database for the emails.  The time and effort the Left pour into trying to completely destroy Palin is   "unflippinbelievable!"  They must be afraid of something.  That or they are mentally ill.

As the UK Guardian reported " “Tens of thousands of pages of Sarah Palin's emails released on Friday offer an intimate portrait of a politician caught in an almost daily battle on issues ranging from oil exploration to an ethics investigation." 

John Hayward of Human Events commented "Does anyone think the media dove into the Governor’s correspondence looking to prepare an “intimate portrait” of her “daily battles?”

Yeah.  Seriously. What is the obsession with Palin?  More dirt has been dug for on this woman than anyone from her email to her garbage, and nothing has been found that they can latch their bloodthirsty teeth on to.

And I think this is the obsession.  So certain are they that she is both idiot and evil incarnate, that they know it must be there.  And if they can't find it, after all of their public proclamations and rantings, well it just has to be because they aren't looking hard enough.

Just look at this comment on the NYT Caucus blog post, the day before the release:

john john PA June 9th, 2011 2:25 pm
These e-mails will reveal the reality and factual information that the $arah worshippers have denied since the disgraced "Half-Term Quitter" became the failed VP loser in 2008. We will learn that Todd actually was the decision-maker in many of Alaska's affairs. We will also learn that $arah and Todd made countless efforts to cover-up their illegal dealings, both public and private. Additionally, all the excuses she attempted to sell to the media and her followers about why she quit will be discounted and found to be total fabrications and misrepresentations. Maybe SarahPAC will run another illegal Bus Tour so she can fool the people one more time. She remains the P. T. Barnum of 2011.
Well apparently we've learned nothing of the sort.  (And why is it that it's lauded when First Ladies to help make decisions, but not when it's First Dudes?)

Did you know that the Palins had a bunch of illegal dealings that they covered up?   I wonder if john john even knew what any of them allegedly were, or if he just knew there had to be something?  Or if he can enlighten us as to why it's illegal for a private citizen, or even a public one for that matter --  to take a bus tour of national historical sites? And I still don't get why even some conservatives (who theoretically would be more sympathetic to her) question the reasoning she gave for her resignation?  As Bill Whittle commented on the legal debt the Palins incurred over politically motivated frivolous lawsuits filed against her that all failed, $500,00 is real money to the Palins, and it's real money to you and me.  It was clear that she'd only incur more due to the nature of the unique Alaskan law, and that constantly fighting them and working on information requests was interfering with the running of the state.  Who here believes that would not be true?  But I digress.

Fortunately, a lot of the comments went the other way, asking why the Times didn't have people go through the 2,000+ pages of the health care bill, or why they don't solicit help getting to Obama's school records or his emails for that matter?  Or Pelosi's, or Biden's? 

I did rather like this one:
Topix New York, NY June 9th, 2011 4:38 pm
NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!
All of this seems pathetic and disturbing.  And it is apparently, once again, blowing up in their collective, collectivist faces.


Whitehawk said...

Anyone the libs like I am very suspicious of. Anyone who they go absolutely face twitching, mouth foaming insane over trying to destroy... I'm pretty sure I'd love.

All my conerns over her are disappearing the greater the libressives try to destroy her.

philmon said...

I think the biggest liberal sore that Palin and Bachmann irritate in these people is that they're unapologetically pro-life.

They can't say that, though, because they've advanced the "no litmus test" argument against conservative candidates for a long time. The minute they say this, I'm gonna be on 'em with that.

Of course, they do have a litmus test. As long as you won't condemn abortion under any circumstances, you're ok. Otherwise, you're a pariah.

philmon said...

I should add ... it's more than just being pro-life, it's being pro-life and female that gets them, because they've assigned moral authority on the subject to women, and advanced the notion that no woman really wants abortion to be illegal, ever.

So they try to get them on the "religious extremist", "crazy", "dumb", or just plain "extremist" charge.

But it really drives them quite batty, which is why they do things like dig through garbage and email to find something, anything, ... else ... they can use to dismiss them out of hand.

jeffmon said...


philmon said...

I know! The logic contortions some people have to go through to keep their worldview in equilibrium is sometimes astonishing.