Thursday, June 02, 2011

My Blurb on Weinergate

I don't really care that Weiner twitted his barely BVD contained weiner to ... whoever.  As long as it wasn't me or my wife or kids or grandkids.

What I see is yet another example of the glaring double standard the media has for conservatives vs. liberals.

If this were, say, Paul Ryan, everybody in the MSM would've been all over it right away more likely than not in a guilty-until-proven-innocent kind of way, but even then, , we all know he really did it, right?  I mean, he's a Republican.  Saynomore, knowhatimean, nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

But no, when this first came out, it was attack Breitbart for even bringing up the story, and accuse him of making a false accusation -- which Breitbart had steered well clear of -- but that doesn't matter.  He's a conservative potentially embarrassing a liberal, and so he's the bad guy whether the liberal is guilty or not.  He's not a real journalist.

No, and he'll say that up front.  He's a self-described activist.  Which makes him one thing that the leftist MSM is not.  Honest.   See, they're activists, too, they just pretend not to be.

See, "real journalists" would just ignore this story unless it just couldn't anymore without looking completely in the bag -- because it's a Democrat.    It happened with Clinton.  It happened with Edwards.  It happened (and still happens) with Obama.  They run interference, deciding what will be "important" to the country themselves, shaping the narrative to fit their activist agenda.

If it were a Republican, like I said, they'd be all over it, and they'd be all over Breitbart for saying hold on just a minute.  Or say if it were some "rich, white" LaCrosse players accused of rape by a black stripper exotic dancer "poor oppressed working girl".   Because "real journalists" are activsts.   And that'd be fine, if they'd just admit it up front.  And if they had any respect for inconvenient facts.

The other thing is Republicans tend to kick their bad apples out, whereas Democrats stamp their feet and call you names and make excuses for theirs.

Beauty this time is that it's becoming more and more clear that they got caught with their collective(ist) pants down, so to speak, pretty quickly this time as it's looking more and more like ... yeah, Weiner in fact probably tweeted his Oscar Meyer.


nightfly said...

Remember that doofus Republican member of Congress who recently resigned in the media hailstorm over his shirtless picture to a woman he wasn't married to?

The MSM should. Hell, so should Weiner, because Chris Lee quit less than four months ago - and he's a fellow Representative from New York State.

Gratned that Weiner didn't actually go on Craigslist to step out on his wife - I would honestly call that worse than what he actually did - but by lying compulsively and fruitlessly about what he ACTUALLY did, he closes that defense, because if it wasn't so bad, why the coverup?

Cylarz said...

Yeah, Paul Ryan wouldn't have gotten away with it. That's the same name that came to my mind when I said much the same thing (a disgusting double standard is at work) over at Morgan's place a few days ago. Maybe it's because he's the GOP point-man in Congress these days, outshining even the ostensible leadership like Mitch McConnell or John Boehner.

I also still can't get over the weird coincidence...that this penis-y story just happened to occur with someone named "Weiner." What are the odds?

You don't suppose that's how it got put in the spotlight in the first place, do you?

philmon said...

I'm guessing it was a combination of making a joke about himself, supposedly to insiders -- combined with poor judgement and I guess apparently poor knowledge of twitter security.

I think his name had everything to do with it, right down to the person taking the picture.

And if it is him, and by his own words sounds like it is ... that person was pretty clearly also him.

Whitehawk said...

I'm just getting back from a trip to the wildreness. You can imagine my intrigue to hear the Weiner twittered his weener, which when I was growing up meant something quite different.

Always thought he was a bit of a squirrel. Now we know.

Cylarz said...

I heard back during the election he said something like, "There's only one Weiner in this race. Er...nevermind."

Severian said...

I'm as enraged as y'all about the double standard, but c'mon -- if they had any principles, shame, or a sense of decency, they wouldn't be liberals now would they?

Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, the Make Believe Media gotta run cover for Democrats, etc. Second verse, same as the first.

philmon said...

Yes, but we must never let people forget it. Because there are too many people who don't get it, and the media needs to be called out on it. Again. And again. And again.

Until enough people start saying WTF?

Severian said...

True enough. And you know, I've always wondered: if liberals are so all-fired smart, why do none of them stop to wonder where this weird idea of "media bias" comes from? I mean, let's take it as read that "Faux News" is nothing but lies, 24/7, 365. Yet it's got the highest market share of any "news" organization by far. Shouldn't at least some people somewhere be picking up on the obvious discrepancy between "Faux News" and observable life?

I mean, we're stupid and all, but we're not that stupid, right? So what gives? How does Faux rig the game so thoroughly that, even though the truth is out there on completely objective, totally nonbiased networks like NBC and CNN, 65% (or whatever it is) of all Americans continue to watch and trust Murdoch's noise machine?

You'd think a George Lakoff type could get a whole book out of that....

Cylarz said...

As Rush likes to say, "George Lakoff, rhymes with."

philmon said...

Yeah, I know. George hacks me off, too ;-)

Cylarz said...

I loved the headline today, courtesy of the pop-up screen for Yahoo Messenger:

"Embattled Weiner resigns amid scandal"

Embattled Weiner...LOL!....and I really am laughing out loud.