Monday, June 20, 2011

Misrepresent, Misquote, Marginalize

The Democratic strategy.

I saw a link to an article from facebook that a fb friend commented on.  The article's headline was "Bachmann Accuses Obama of Secret Medicare Plan".

The facebook comments ran along the lines of, "She's certifiable!"  "There's the Bachmann we know!"  etc.  Which tells me something. She did too well in that debate last week, after we'd been instructed to believe that she is a crackpot idiot.  This will never do.   She, like Palin, scares the crap out of them -- so she must be destroyed. 

If you read the article itself, you'll find that "secret" is not Michelle's word, but a word introduced by the NYTblog author, to make her sound like some tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist to fit the leftist/MSM narrative. And I'm having trouble finding the whole speech to put it in context. Whenever I search for it, I keep finding this same NYTBlog article, repeated as a meme all over the net. Bernard Goldberg was right. Everybody takes their leads from the NYT.

It's a bit like the supposed "I can see Russia from my house" misquote of Palin. Same technique, same purpose.

Yes, boys and girls, in adult American Politics, it is now acceptable to ridicule and dismiss ideas and statements merely because they fly in the face of the progressive narrative.

Here's her words from the article:
“This hasn’t been talked about very much – the president’s plan for senior citizens is Obamacare.  I think very likely what the president intends is that Medicare will go broke and ultimately that answer will be Obamacare for senior citizens.”
Hmmm.  Well is she right? 

Looks like she's pretty close on the $500 billion dollars, according to that Reuters article from March, 2010. Especially since the Dems fudged like a chocolate factory to get those numbers to appear on paper to be as low as possible.    And about that thinking it's very likely that the plan is to let Medicare go bankrupt and roll it into Obamacare, first of all, why is that so hard to believe?  Remember, the goal of the TIDES foundation, the Left's big think-tank that wrote the bill in the first place -- and to whom the Obama administration has a legion of ties -- is a "single-payer, universal health care plan".

The administration and their legions told us again and again, you will be able to keep your insurance if you like it. Of course, they knew full well that the insurance you have would disappear -- plans would change due to the pressure put on the insurance companies by the legislation. And the legislation also said that if you get a new plan, it must be under the new government-brokered, government-controlled system.

So in effect, there was a big asterisk at the end of that statement that went unannounced, publicly, and the media, cheering the whole thing on, wasn't about to expose the plan to the public either. And anyone who pointed these things out was painted as a tinfoil-hatter racist conspiracy theorist.

But there it was, anyway.


So why, then, is it so certain, beyond a doubt, that the unstated (publicly) ... not secret, but certainly not advertised -- plan for Meidicare -- is for it to go away? Why, if you mention the possibility, are you subject to immediate ridicule and dismissal?

We've already seen Obamacare took from it. It also changes it.

So Obamacare does indeed at least change and cut Medicare. So theoretically, the Republicans should be running a "Pushing Grandma Over a Cliff" ad against the Dems.

But instead, we have the "I mock, therefore it is untrue" defense coming from that side of the aisle.


Whitehawk said...

Sorry so late on this post. Missed a few days around this one.

I think it's hilarious that the LSM so smugly tries to pass Palin and Bachmann off as right-wing nut jobs.

Both of these ladies should should take it as a badge of honor, like you would when Charlie Manson diagnosed you as insane on his psych evaluation of you.

They say the truely insane people don't know that they are. Remind you of anyone?

philmon said...

You know, I think they do. Take it as a badge of honor.

I like the Dr. Charlie Manson analogy.