Monday, June 06, 2011

She's Right, They're Wrong, But She's the Idiot???


Here we go again.  Yes, the Boston Tea Party happened in 1773.

And yes, Paul Revere "warned the British" that the Americans were armed, though "put the British on notice" might have been a better way to put it.  But then again, she was shopping in a gift shop, casually talking to people, not giving a speech.

Still, you have people saying things like  "I suppose you could say that, but I don’t know if that’s really what Mrs. Palin was referring to.” and "I would call her lucky in her comments." Really?  What would make you say that other than a prejudiced opinion?

How is it that she keeps getting so lucky?  

How does something she appears to know and that you appear not to know mean she's stupid before you even know you're wrong?  She's right, you're wrong, and she's a "lucky" idiot?  There's no possible way she could have really known this detail because nobody else seems to and she talks a little funny?

Is it, perhaps, that so many people believe the concocted meme her political enemies in the media have put out there that she's a dimwit Barbie doll (which would be sexist if she were a Democrat)?

Take, for instance, the most famous thing she ever said -- (that she actually never said):
"I can see Russia from my house!"
What she actually said was "They're our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska". It was an introductory sentence to her answer in a clearly hostile interview where she could be cut off and steered away from her answer the moment Gibson decided he had what he wanted.

Her point, of course, was not that she knew a thing or two about dealing with Russia because you can see parts of it from parts of Alaska, or that she personally had or could see it from anywhere, really. her point was, of course, that being governor of a state in such close proximity to Russia and dealing with the resulting border issues meant that she was not unfamiliar with diplomacy issues with Russia. Period.

But the hostile left and its media allies successfully drilled it into the rest of the left and into popular American culture that she meant the former and use memes such as this to dismiss anyone who supports Palin as soon as her name comes up, and to deter people from taking her seriously enough to actually listen to what she's saying.

You rarely hear from the media much of what she's saying. It's mostly the way she said it, or a snippet such as this one taken completely out of context.

Is Sarah Palin an idiot?  Hell no.  Does Sarah Palin seem to have a problem speaking off the cuff?  Yeah, occasionally.   So do I.

And so does he. (note, the video was labeled by the person who made the video, not by me. I don't think this shows Obama an idiot. And that's my point.)


Cylarz points us to more (via a comment at Morgan's):


nightfly said...

They went after Bristol, too, when she called George Washington a "hard-working farmer" - and while I see what her mockers were (arguably) thinking - that the slaves had it far worse - in point of fact, Bristol was completely correct. Washington was constantly involved in Mount Vernon from afar, and on his infrequent stays home he was in the habit of daily making the rounds, planning and helping to design and initiate improvements, and generally being hands-on, even into old age and declining health.

Bristol would have learned that from the wonderful biography Ron Chernow wrote about Washington. One only wonders what her mockers have been reading instead.

philmon said...

Probably Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow, or, on the RHINO side, the occasional look down the nose from Peggy Noonan, George Will, and Charles Krauthammer (sorry, love ya, Charles but we have a bit of a disagreement here).