Saturday, August 06, 2011


Severian points us here, to a lengthy but intriguing article summing up the President's influences in his life from childhood.   It's much of the same stuff others uncovered and that Beck pointed out on his Fox TV show that is completely missing in his two autobiographies (by age 47???) ... but all in one place.

At first I was skeptical at some of the "may haves" and other innuendo, but that's just the setup.  The rest of the article is meatier.

It doesn't directly tell us what Barack believes, but ... judge for yourself if you think his attitudes were shaped by the radical leftists in his family and their network of friends.

Frank.    Marshall Davis.   Indeed.


Severian said...

Like you, I was a little skeptical of the "may haves"...veering a little close to "Manchurian Candidate territory"... but this is a reputable organization, not a tinfoil hat shop, and the meat is very red indeed.

Speaking of red, I'm trying to think what the Republican version of this would be. It's not even conceivable, is it? Not that our guys don't have any skeletons in their closets, but the idea that any R, anywhere, could hide his birth certificate, college transcripts, medical records, etc. for more than 5 seconds is ludicrous. There's always someone willing to leak the info "for the public good" or "the public's right to know" (they're already starting on Rick Perry and he hasn't even declared yet).

What would the Republican version of this be? I get the "out of touch elitist" part -- Bush Sr., for one, conspicuously lacked the common touch -- but the questionable associations, the mule-headed secrecy, the open disdain for the people he condescends to rule... it's like a caricature of what they think Republicans are like.

My bottom-line theory is simply this: after 8 strenuous years of Bush, the media promised us a get-out-of-racism-free forever card tied to (what they assured us was) a charismatic smooth talker. I actually had this conversation with a liberal friend just yesterday. He expressed amazement that a black man could get elected "in this country." I said (I paraphrase), "but you see, it's people like you -- people who couldn't wait to pat themselves on the back for their enlightened racial views -- that put him over the top. Qualifications? Associates? Beliefs? Accomplishments? Who cares!! He's 'smart' and he's black!!!! Of course people are going to vote for him, since you've all but promised us you won't call us racists if we do!"

(Yeah, we're the kind of friends who can take some mean-spirited jabs at each other).

I guarantee you this: as leftist as they all are, historians are going to look back on this period with amazement that this guy got elected dog catcher, let alone president.

Whitehawk said...

Wow. A lot to mull over there.

If true, the left (communist at heart) funded the Anti-Vietnam War movement that resulted in our pull out of the war, leaving it to fellow communists overseas.

Never was a fan of the Vietnam War but I'm very sympathetic to what happened to the Christians and political westerners when we bugged out. Freedom lost there. Tragic. The Left also made the sacrifices of American lives there in vain.

It would be quite a research project to tally all the lives left in the wake of the Left's policies and powerplays.

Now we have a child of this machine pulling the levers in the Whitehouse. :(

If the article if accurate, with the history of his family's involvement in "finance", the "majic" of his fund raising ability is coming clear.