Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Mona Charen over at NRO writes up a bit on Michele Bachmann's reaction to the President's handling of the economy.
Criticizing President Obama’s statement on the debt deal, Michele Bachmann utilizes an extended wind metaphor.
“Mr. President, it’s time for you to take responsibility for this failed economy and stop blaming the American people, earthquakes, the previous administration and the wind. It’s time to stop the ‘hot air’ in Washington and let the winds of true change, economic growth and job creation spurred by the private market sweep through this country,”
Bachmann also said quite a bit more.

"This statement came across as simple demagoguery to me" I saw in the comments.

*Sigh* Criticizing the opponent's position is not demagoguery. It's what people do when they disagree.

Demagoguery is calling people who don't cave to your demands, and "call your bluff" on principle - demonizing and irrelevant names like "terrorists" or "hostage takers" or " baby kidnappers", or "racist"  in lieu of criticizing their opponents' positions on merits and demerits.

See, what Michele has done here is to say "this is bad, and here's why I think this is bad". "Here's what we've done, and here's what I think we should be doing."  This was once known as having an argument or making your case.

It's not about how the way she put it made you feel. We can sit around and talk all day about whether or not it's "demagoguery" and why nobody should listen to her because of her "demagoguery" ... but it (intentionally) neatly avoids having an open, frank conversation on any subject where a lefty doesn't think he or she can win.

They have more trouble with this "winning" thing when facts are brought up, so they just call us names, and one of them, ironically, is "demagogues".

I think it's because it's a 4-bit word so it makes them feel smart or something.


Whitehawk said...

Just another case of projection.

If you want to know what the libs are ACTUALLY doing behind the scenes or otherwise, listen to what they are accusing their opponents of.

philmon said...

Especially since the statement essentially says "it's time to stop demagoguing" and get to work with proven solutions.

Jason said...

I may be a demagogue but at least I'm an intransigent demagogue.