Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Which is it?

First, we were a laughingstock tiny fringe group of racist kooks who do snake dances for Jesus on Sundays and mow down baby kittens with assault rifles when we're not watchin' NASCAR.  Or maybe while we ARE.

Now we control Congress?

I love the comments that say that it's completely untrue that the lowest 50% of earners don't pay "taxes", because they all pay sales taxes, and other state and local taxes.

But of course, aren't we talking about the Federal government and raising Federal taxes?  In context, it is true.

Ok, I'll give them payroll taxes.   SSI and Medicare.  Are they talking about raising these? Or income taxes?

And all of the "hostage" talk.  There's no extreme language there, now, is there?

Remember how George W. Bush was both the ultimate villiage idiot and the masterful evil genius depending on which emotional argument worked best with the audience being addressed at the time?

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