Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sexist? No. Cheap Shot? Yes.

It's probably no secret that I think Michele Bachmann is a beautiful woman (yeah, in more ways than one).   And yes, I did see the flap about the Newsweek cover calling her "Queen of Rage" with the unflattering shot of her, mid expression-change.

I also find it funny that the same people who've constantly counciled us that if we're not outraged, we're not paying attention -- are now outraged at our outrage.

I'm an amateur photographer.  One thing I have learned over the years taking candid shots is that when people are expressing themselves, their faces change to reflect their emotion and passion. Have you ever watched a woman express righteous anger and thought - man, she's beautiful!?   I have.  In real live motion, it can look great -- but any one frame of that "video" looks .... well ... "crazy".  They look horrible.  And even in a studio sitting facial expressions change.  It's when a photo gets snapped during the transition from one facial expression to another that these kinds of shots generally get produced.... and I discard them.

It was refreshing to see NOW in a rare display of not engaging in their standard double-standard of turning the whine up to 11 -- rationalizing why using an unflattering photo of a "liberal" woman is "sexist", but being totally cool with the same treatment being given to a conservative one.

I mean, in my opinion, NOW is just as wrong, but at least they're being consistently wrong... this time :-/.  Perhaps they're afraid she might win and become the first female president and it would be rather embarassing for the National Organization for Women to have a long record of not defending her on her way up from the things they'll defend liberals from.

I don't think it's sexist.  I do think it's a cheap shot. They chose that shot to convey the image they wanted to convey (don't you call them biased, no no.) But the liberal media has done the same thing to Bush, Cheney, Rove, Beck, and a myriad of conservative men, and they've done it forever.

Bottom line is, I hate it when their side whines about stupid stuff, and I actually hate it even more when my side does it.  Because that's not me, and I don't want it promoted.


tim said...

I’m just trying to figure out why a conservative like Bachmann would bother with Newsweek. Yeah, yeah, I know, exposure, blah, blah…how’s that working out?

Cylar said...

I was intrigued to hear Jon Stewart actually slam Newsweek for publishing this cover.

Admittedly, he followed his criticism with, "If they want to make Bachmann look insane, all they have to do is make a picture out of her words" or some such nonsense.

Still, I'm surprised that he didn't simply cheer them on. I can't stand the guy and his stupid show and his audience of trained seals who clap on command...but every once in awhile he says something which deviates from the Leftist template.