Friday, September 23, 2011

Bristol Palin Stops an Echo

Looks like I can't embed the video, but it's here.

You have to go to the point where she finally falls off the bull (1:44) and some very hateful man at the bar yells out that her mother is a "whore".

Bristol did not back down from him, she walked up to him to get him to expound on the founding of his opinion. He had nothin'

Stop an Echo!!!!


Whitehawk said...

I bet that made a mama grizzly proud.

I think the guy at the bar represented himself accurately.

philmon said...

Like I said in a comment on the original story (and on Sarah's fb wall)

She didn't make him look like an idiot a-hole. He accomplished that all by himself.

Tyranno said...

1. You don't speak gay liberal? Let me translate. In GLS "your mother is a whore!" translates into the quite benign, "I disagree with your mom's political positions." See? No harm ~ no foul! Nothing here to see.
I am sure Schultz and Maddow will shortly be talking about Bristol Palin's thin skin.

But ... imagine if Bristol had shouted out something similar!

2. Quite impressive watching a bitter dysfunctional middle-aged man publicly hector a beautiful young woman at the beginning of her adult life. I think he was really just jealous of her sweet shoes. I know he impressed me!

3. In my best Andy Rooney voice, "You ever notice that there are endless accusations of Conservative / Tea Party / Republican anger, violence and hatred ... and yet all of the observable examples are like this! Grotesquely bitter public hatred from the endlessly victimized minions of the "more compassionate" modern progressive liberal left.