Friday, September 02, 2011

Must See Whittle: The Truth is Out There

Well worth watching.  Whose truth?  Which way are all the boats headed?  How many people have been shot to death trying to flee Capitalist countries?

From the extreme leftist KFPK radio station funding drive, pony up, because "KPFK is the only radio station in LA not directly funded by the corporate weapons manufacturers, whose mission statement is to kill brown people in their global war for oil."

Bill wishes he was making that up. But he's not.

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Cylar said...

I love it when people compare a wall on the US-Mexico border to the Berlin Wall.

Somehow it's always lost on them - the former would be to keep people out, the latter was to keep people in. Remember that line from Rocky IV, when the American fight coordinator or whomever yelled at the Russian ambassador? "At least we don't keep our people behind walls with machine guns."