Friday, September 23, 2011

Good, Better

<-- Saw this cartoon the other day, which was good, but it didn't quite capture what I felt it was really trying to say.  I think maybe he was a little too married to the David Banner/Incredible Hulk metaphor to go where I think it needed to go.

So I modified the first frame a bit to show the real irony.  Apologies to Eric Allie.   -->;

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nightfly said...

My favorite part of that strip is actually the guy on the right. He's actually just pointing out facts in a graph in frame one... Rage Clown doesn't even need to know how to read, it's a picture! And then, in frame two, he just looks at Rage Clown with this "are ya kiddin' me?" attitude. He's not angry, or scared, or confused - just wearily resigned. Oh, well.

(w/v - "adeverm" - people on adeverm have reported side effects that include dizziness, mild headache, facepalm, flecks of spittle from enraged leftists, and frequent media disdain. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor before it takes a nine-month waiting period.)