Sunday, September 11, 2011

But Not I

I wasn't going to say anything more.  Really.   But this pompous, ok ... bite my tongue ...  (update.... I'm not the only one who had this reaction -- wanting to hold my fire and bite my tongue but felt this was really out of line.)

Seriously, Paul?   Isn't there a nice European country you'd rather live in?  You've certainly got the money to move.

On the 10th Anniversary, Paul Krugman:  It was [Y]Our fault.  We deserved it.

If you only had a conscience.  Like me.

You stay classy, Paul.


Anonymous said...

Not allowing comments for obvious reasons. The most obvious of which, Monsieur Krugman, is that you're a freakin' idiot. The event DID unify the nation. Just not everyone. There were still certain a-holes who felt that the perpetrators should have been hugged. Folks like you, Kruggie.

The hijacking of an atrocity? Well, he's certainly not done that. Paul's writing IS an atrocity.

Mark-o, wearing his angry hat

philmon said...

Ace did a nice job of smacking him, and apparently Kathleen Parker ... down.

philmon said...

And I got that link from a good column on it by Matthew Sheffield at Newsbusters.

nightfly said...

Was the halo over Krugman p-shopped in? I can't quite believe the Times would put it there... but I can't quite put it past them, either.

philmon said...

Oh, I defnitely photoshopped it in. Call it my "editorializing" on his editorial.

Whitehawk said...

This ranks up there with Ann Curry asking Ahmadinejad why he works so hard.

It wreaks of the stench of appeasement. I agree with Churchill, appeasement is the art of being the last one eaten.

Never have liked the name Neville.