Thursday, September 15, 2011

Failed Coup in Jefferson City

From fellow Mid Mo Patriot James.

Who says we are marginalized and can't make a difference.  BTW, one of the testimonies James & Ron had in his stack of 400 was mine.

From: James Coyne
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2011 6:21 PM
To: Philmon ; rbonberry
Cc: jamesh ; RonC;
Subject: A failed coup in Jeff City
News from the front:  Spread this around.

A funny thing happened on the way to Obama Care.

This morning I attended the Senate hearing of the committee charged with considering health insurance exchanges in Missouri.  I testified and presented over 400 personal letters from citizens all over the state who are strongly opposed to Obama Care in Missouri.  (Thanks to the beautiful tool Ron Calzone of Missouri First helped me use in the email we sent out)

I asked the senators to read at least a few of them to get an idea of what their constituents thought on the issue.

The showing in favor of the exchanges was much weaker than I had expected - just a few sob stories about how someone could not get the insurance and care they wanted and a "consumer advocate". In retro speck I think the pro-exchange people where at an entirely different meeting - stay tuned.

Several great testimonies opposed.  It was apparent that the committee was not buying the whole Idea that Missouri had to set up the exchanges at all or that it was a good idea.

When, like a scene from a bad movie, a staffer came in and handed a piece of paper to Senator Ridgeway.  She stopped the proceedings and stated that Governor Nixon was directing the Missouri High Risk Pool to set up the very exchange they were talking about !!   And he was doing it right then !!! Who needs senators anyway huh ?

(he had previously accepted 21 Million Dollars of Federal money even though the exchanges it was for had never been approved by the legislature)

They were meeting at a facility about 3 miles away.

Several senators expressed their outrage and got up in the middle of the meeting and drove there!!Myself and several tea party folks got there first.  The senators arrived, pulled the power that be in the back room and stayed there for about a half hour.  When they emerged one of the Senators commented to me " it is off the agenda, we told them if they do this there is going to be a war. "A lady came around to the attendees and ripped one piece of paper out of their agenda folders.

Would I have loved to see that page !!! I can guess what it was about.

The senators left and that was a day.

Anyone want to make this into a lifetime T.V. drama - freakin unbelievable.

I think this is the act of one desperate man and I think he is going to pay a very heavy price for the attempted coup.Keep a close eye - they may not be done. If you want to call the Gov. his number is 573-751-3222

May God Save the Republic (and I think he is !)    
Well, he may be, but God helps those who help themselves, I always say.

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