Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hyperbolic Heroism

I just saw another post on the Obama Gay Marriage thing... an excellent Ramirez cartoon, and it made me think of that Time magazine cover again, and why it made me laugh, and how it sums up this whole ridiculous identity politics thing and the heroes liberals cast themselves as.

Here we have Obama's smug mug on the cover of a major national magazine, a [fallen] American institution, with this shot of our proud narcissist in chief, with the headline "The First Gay President".  He does not look comfortable with the title. :-)

Here we have the first real black president, but he can't be called that because liberals had already dubbed the very white Bubba president Clinton "The first black president", and our first actual black president, who is by all accounts and evidence decidedly not gay, claims the title from whoever the first actual gay president might be.  And these are the very liberals who insist that no white male [or probably female for that matter] could possibly be sympathetic to, say, a latino because they're not [wise] latinas.

Apparently he's also our first Cherokee president, along with his ardent supporter "nobody ever got rich on his own" Elizabeth Warren, neither of whom can actually show they have a drop of any American Indian blood in them anywhere .... and then you see it clearly.

They're not about lifting up the minorities they claim to be lifting up.  What's important is the victimhood.  It's so important they'll lie about it, or bestow it upon their heroes, to bless themselves with the power they believe they wear on behalf of the downtrodden.

Because it's really not about the downtrodden.  It's about the mantle.

GM.  Gay Marriage.  Hmmmm.... coincidence?  ;-)

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tim said...

Good points, all, Philmon.