Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Things We Do for Love

"Government is simply the name we give to the things we choose to do together."

Thus sayeth, it seems, Barney Frank and others.

Sounds great, but like most nuggets of progressive psuedo-wisdom, it really falls apart upon cursory inspection.  I mean, everyone does not agree on "the things we do together", so "we" means whoever agrees with "me".   And if  "we" decide to force our will on those who disagree ... which is ultimately what government enables ... then government is simply the name we give to the thing that lets us force others to do the things "we" choose to do together.

Which doesn't sound nearly as sexy.  But it's the truth.  Instead of the Barney (and I mean the dinosaur ... wait, that's not much of a distinction, either is it ... oh well) "I love you, you love me" mamby -pamby crap Mr. Frank et. al. spew.

This is why the Marxists for whom they thinly disguise their admiration have always ended up killing massive numbers of those who disagree with them.   Not only does it physically reduce the dissenters numbers, it gets most of the rest of them suddenly on the bandwagon.

At any rate, it is for this reason that we have a Constitution, and it is why it is important to distinguish between a democracy and a democratic republic.    The Constitution lays out the rules by which we may decide on what to do together, and spells out what things the government is allowed to do to facilitate it.   Which is ultimately the catch 22 of government.  It has in its very nature an inherent conflict of interest.  Which there's no real way of getting around, unless We the People insist on keeping it  honest.

And aren't kept from keeping it honest.  

Which is why we have the second amendment.

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