Friday, May 04, 2012

Julia Ghoulia

Of course, under Barack Obama’s plan, the Small Business Administration’s real budget completely collapsed when China decided buying more of America’s debt to fund this creepy cradle-to-grave fairy tale leaving America to buy the other 60% of it’s debt by printing dollars Weimar style. This was a 100% drop rather than the relatively modest but at least somewhat fiscally responsible 20% the Obama campaign claimed Mitt Romney "might" have cut programs "like" to possibly avoid the economic catastrophe that we kept moving "Forward" to instead.

Inflation went through the roof, and Zachary died of dehydration and malnutrition while Julia stood in line in front of the now closed government handout office. All the people she might have hired were put  in the same boat, and America looked a lot like a third world country.

Under Mitt Romney, we gained a few more years to avoid this fate by not spending as much money we don’t have to buy votes from people like Julia. Ever read Cloward and Piven? Get enough people on the government dole, and cause a [Socialist] revolution?

But Obama's not a Socialist, no.  Just had a socialist mother and grandparents and mentor in Frank Marshall Davis before his college career that he's kept completely secret with the help of a compliant media that cheers him on, then worked as a  "Community Organizer" for a heavily socialist-leaning Saul Alinsky inspired organization, launched his political career in Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn's livng room and went to Reverend Wright's gospel of social[ist] justice church for 20 years, appoints self-admited communists and socialists to cabinet positions, has the support of the Socialist Party, had campaign offices where the workers had large Che Guevara posters on the walls ... and wants to lead Julia by the hand cradle to grave with Other People's Money, the OPiuM of politics.  Oh, and if you connect this absolute spray of dots, you're a racist conspiracy theorist who hates poor people.  So let's move FORWARD, shall we?  Over the cliff.

As Margaret Thatcher famously said ... "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money".

Well that's not the only problem with socialism, but it is certainly one of the bigger ones.


Whitehawk said...

"Oh, and if you connect this absolute spray of dots, you're a racist conspiracy theorist who hates poor people."

And the louder they yell, the crazier they respond, the closer you are to the truth.

Have you noticed the tag of "controversial" that get clipped to opinions like yours when the LSM reports on it?

I have a friend that says when the media flags something as "controversial" it means you are about to hear the truth but you won't like (or they don't like it).

I like to hear "controversial" opinions.

philmon said...

Your friend is on to something. That's a good rule.